Lavender Oil For Dogs

Category: Pet Care


Lavender oil has many uses for those who prefer natural remedies over chemicals and drugs. Not only does it have a fresh and relaxing fragrance, it can help to keep your dog healthy too. In fact, lavender oil for dogs is said to be an excellent treatment for curing skin conditions.

According to the ruff ideas website...

The biggest benefit your dog will enjoy from lavender is alleviting unpleasant skin conditions. It is also excellent for first aid, custs and wounds and for general healing purposes. Lavender is so gentle while also being antibacterial, astringent and an all natural anti itch remedy. So if your dog has itchy skin, a shampoo or spray with lavender is the way to go. You’ll be accomplishing two things– cleaning your dog while also healing the skin.

This is just one of the many benefits of using essential oils for pet health. Yes, sometimes medicine is the only solution, however, I always recommend taking an holistic approach first!